lunes, 4 de abril de 2016

Extra Listening

  1. What countries did Mitch visit?
  2. Why did Mitch have to go to London?
  3. What does Mitch do?
  4. What did they do in Spain?
  5. What kind of food did they eat in Zurich?
  6. What is Switzerland known for?
  7. How did they get around?
  8. What was the weather like in Switzerland?
  9. Where did they stay in London?
  10. What did they see in London?

1. England, Switzerland and Spain
2. For work
3. A civil engineer. He builds bridges.
4. Visited their friends (Brittany and Roberto) and they ate tapas. They visited the Sagrada familia in Barcelona.
5. Mostly Italian food. 
6. Fondue/Cheese
7. Swiss transportation system or walked
8. It was snowing and cold.
9. By Hyde Park in an Airbnb
10. Bridges and Big Ben

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